“....and they all lived happily ever after!”

That’s how most fairy stories end - after the villain has been vanquished and the hero and heroine are married.

But as we all know, every marriage has its up & downs and a year after their wedding, Cinderella and Prince Charming, like a flea wandering through the remnants of Elton John’s real hair, are going through a bad patch. While they’re still very much in love, unfortunately the Prince is unable to...how can I put this delicately?

Let’s just say the Prince is unable to - which causes tensions between them. Matters aren’t helped when Cinderella’s Ugly step-sisters Flavia and Lavia get wind of what’s happening and decide one of them should ‘cure’ the Prince by seducing him.

Things get even more complicated when Cinderella’s father the Baron and his assistant Buttons return from a world cruise.

Starved of affection and knowing that Buttons has always carried a torch for her, even when there wasn’t a power cut, Cinderella turns to Buttons for solace. That’s a posh word for a bit of rumpy-rumpy.

In an effort to save his marriage and against the wishes of his good friend Dandini, the Prince reluctantly agrees to be seduced by one of the step-sisters in the hope his ‘machinery’ can start working again.

All this is watched over by Fanny The Funky Fairy who decides to help by casting a spell over the Prince and Cinders, making him believe he’s a stud named Hugh Jorgan and her believe she’s a hottie named Norma Snockers. Fanny’s plan is for the two of them to fall in love and just before they ‘get down to business’, she’ll return them to their normal selves, their passions re-awakened.

But her plan starts to fall apart in the furiously funny finale when the Prince arranges for one of the step-sisters to come to his bedroom on the West Side of the East Wing, not realising that at the exact same time Cinders has invited Buttons to her bedroom on the East Side of the West Wing. Unfortunately as Buttons has absolutely no sense of direction, inevitably he ends up in the wrong bedroom...along with everyone else...and his long-held dream of getting off with Cinderella starts to come undone.

“Buttons Undone!” is a big bawdy barrel of laughs and although aimed at Over 18’s, it doesn’t contain any crude four-letter words, as the humour is unashamedly in the Great British ‘Carry On’ tradition of rib-tickling double entendres and innuendo. So if you’re broad- minded and fancy a fun night out that turns traditional pantomime upside down to reveal its frilly bloomers hiding underneath, this is definitely a show you won’t want to miss.

And you know you’re in a safe pair of hands when the frantic frolics and saucy shenanigans happening on stage are held together by Wales’ undisputed King Of Comedy Owen Money as Buttons.

Oh yes it is!