Owen Money Stars in Peter Pan Touring Wales in 2018 - 2019


“All children, except one, grow up....”

That’s how author J.M. Barrie opened his play and novel “Peter Pan”.

But it’s not quite true - because every Christmas, when the pantomime season opens, the grown-ups in the audience find themselves willing participants in the spectacle, songs, slapstick and supreme silliness that their children and grand children become so enthralled by.

Every year, Rainbow Valley Productions tour family-friendly pantomimes that entertain audiences all over South and West Wales. They’re packed with enough magical moments and madcap mirth and mayhem to get children and adults laughing out loud – and whenever the villain appears they all compete to see who can boo the loudest.

The story of “Peter Pan” begins in the home of Mister and Mrs. Darling in Bloomsbury, London just as the Darling children, Michael, John and Wendy, are being put to bed by the family pet...a huge St. Bernard named ‘Nana’.

Because Wendy is growing up, this will be her last night in the nursery she shares with her brothers. And she’s not too happy about it.

After their parents have gone out for the evening, the children receive a very special visitor who, instead of knocking on the front door, flies in through the nursery window accompanied by his fairy friend Tinkerbelle – yes it’s none other than the legendary boy from Neverland who never grew up, Peter Pan.

He’s returned to the house to find his shadow which he left behind on a previous visit while the children were sleeping. Wendy helps him find it, sews it back on...and they quickly become attracted to each other.

This annoys Tinkerbelle who regards Peter as her boyfriend – even if he doesn’t.

Michael and John are eager to learn about the blood-thirsty Neverland pirates, while Wendy asks Peter about the islands magical Mermaids.

So Peter offers to take them all back to Neverland, which upsets Tinkerbelle. She’s even more annoyed when Peter shakes some fairy dust from her wings to enable the children to fly with him!

And off they go, heading for the second star to the right...and straight on ‘til morning.

Meanwhile in Neverland, on the deck of his ship, as the notorious pirate Captain Hook is plotting with Smee – his loyal but bone-headed bosun - to do away with his sworn enemy Peter Pan, the Captain suddenly hears a ‘Tick Tock, Tick Tock!’ which causes him to quiver with fear.

It’s the sound of the approaching Crocodile which years before had crept up to Hook and helped itself to a hand-sandwich just as Hook was switching off his alarm clock – so the ravenous reptile swallowed both! Luckily this time the Crocodile doesn’t gobble up the rest of Hook and keeps on swimming.

Hook has tried on many occasions to ‘Swat that flying fool, Pan! ’ but Peter either out-fights or out-wits the pirate every time. So when Hook hears that Peter has returned to Neverland with three children, he formulates a plan to kidnap them, knowing that Peter will come to their rescue. And when he does, he’ll walk straight into Hook’s trap and Pan will be no more!

If you want to know if Hook’s wicked plan works; if Smee, the silliest sailor on the seven seas, assists his boss or joins forces with the goodies; just how far the jealous Tinkerbelle will go to keep Wendy and Peter apart; and whether that Crocodile, having already enjoyed Hook’s ‘Finger buffet’, gets to finish the main course, .then come and see our brand new production of J.M. Barrie’s much-loved tale of adventure & romance - “Peter Pan”.

As with all Rainbow Valley pantomimes it’ll be sprinkled with plenty of songs, dancing and the laugh-out-loud comedy for which the star of the show Owen Money is so well known.

Oh yes he is!






The legend of Jack and The Beanstalk can be traced back through many centuries.

It’s a thrilling tale of adventure...magic beans...a mysterious land way up in the clouds...a hidden treasure....and the terrifying Giant - which today provides the exciting, fun-packed storyline for family-friendly pantomimes.

Rainbow Valley Productions are presenting their hilarious (and occasionally scary!) version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” which will tour the theatres of South Wales between November 2017 and February 2018. Dates to follow.......




Following the success of Owen Money’s Jukebox Heroes in 2016, Owen Money is back with another talent packed live show featuring the music of his popular weekend Radio shows on BBC Wales; and of course his unique style of comedy and ‘Welsh Whit’ !



2017 - 2018


Owen Money MBE, Wales’ best loved Comedian, Broadcaster and Television personality. Owen is available to bring his Laughter Show to your venue, whether it be a night in your local club, pub or a private function like a Wedding.

Owen Money is available as a solo act or along with his award winning band; as well as an after dinner speaker. So if you have a request contact us today.

The Travelling Wrinklies, this 5 piece band with Owen Money as lead singer! revives the sounds of the 60s and simply embrasses the music of bands like the Four Seasons, the Beach Boys, The Hollies just to name a few.