If it’s non-stop laughter you’re after, then book your seats for “Aladdin”, this years’ fun-packed pantomime from Rainbow Valley Productions. While retaining all the classic elements that make pantomimes so increasingly popular, the emphasis with this new version of Aladdin is firmly on comedy. If it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, then this production should be made available on the National Health and served on a shiny spoon at least twice a day. Between the jokes & japes, witty wordplay and silly slapstick, there’ll also be enough singing, dancing, romance, magic, mystery and excitement to entertain audiences of all ages.



The tale of Aladdin takes place in the old walled city of Peking, China: a place full of mystery – the biggest one being “Why does everyone talk in a Welsh accent? Into the city arrives Abanazar, self-proclaimed ‘King Of Magicians and Magician Of Kings’ looking for someone gullible enough to help him retrieve his lost magic lamp from The Cave of One Thousand Terrors (reduced to Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine if you’re paying cash). He is delighted to find that the two sons of eccentric, impoverished laundry owner Widow Twankey - the adventure-seeking romantic Aladdin and his none-too-bright brother Wishee Washee - can easily be talked-into helping him achieve his aims. He tells them that within the cave lies a fortune in gold and jewels which they can keep – all he wants is for them to bring him the rusty old lamp. Once that task is done, he assures them they’ll become rich, not just beyond the dreams of Avarice, but beyond the dreams of Tim Rice... which will enable them to enter *“A Whole New World”!

Aladdin and Wishee want to become rich because ...and this is where comedy complications ensue...unbeknownst to each other, they’re both in love with the Emperors daughter, the Princess Jasmina and both intend to ask for her hand in marriage. Add to this mirthful mixture a flirtatious Genie, stunning sets, gorgeous costumes and lively, up-to-the-minute song and dance routines augmented by local dance schools and you can be assured that when you enter any theatre where this Rainbow Valley Production is being staged, as far as your every day troubles are concerned...”They’re behind you!”.

*The song Tim wrote for Disneys “Aladdin”. Proving this synopsis wasn’t just thrown together!